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Are you tired of the infomercials promising you results that only 3% of the people who use them achieve?  Or better yet, the products that look ‘absolutely ridiculous’ claiming to get you ‘ripped’ in just 10 minutes a day, 3 times a week?  Are you fed up with being bombarded by all the quick weight loss diets books?   Would you like to find a gym where everyone is like family?  Where all of your workouts are designed for you?  Where you will get positive re-enforcement for eating right and doing ‘your cardio’?

Then, MAX 4 Fitness is for you!  Fitness Expert Michael Bonetti custom designs your personal training program specifically for you.  With over 17 years in the health and fitness industry, Michael has ‘perfected’ the art of personal training using the science and methodology of the industry leaders for years.  He is not only the Head Personal Trainer at MAX 4 Fitness, but he is also ‘a client’.  “I am no different than anyone else, I struggle with ‘eating the right foods’, staying motivated and consistency too.  That’s why I ‘personally’ workout with my clients on a weekly basis and stay ‘accountable’ to each and every one of you!”

Your first session at MAX 4 Fitness will be a comprehensive Fitness Assessment and Evaluation.  We will discuss your goals, figure out where you currently are, and build a road map to get you where you want to go.  Every client will receive a personalized training program, tailored to his/her needs and goals.  And the best part of our program is ‘you never have to train alone’.  You will not only be working out with your personal trainer, but 2-3 other clients who are also striving to achieve their health and fitness goals.  Get all the benefits of a private personal training session for a fraction of the cost.



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