MAX4 Tennis

Tennis training must incorporate strength and conditioning on a regular basis in order to develop aerobic and anaerobic capacity, strength and explosive power, speed and quickness and also flexibility.

Following the right fitness training is a must that every player should do. MAX4 Tennis will give you the opportunity to work on your fitness by following a specific strength and program for tennis.

By following your fitness program step by step and by being consistent you will see results in a few weeks and this will help you to improve your tennis game.

The program consists of: strength training, agility, core strength, cardio training, and stretching.

Tennis is a sport with increasing competition and therefore, increasing physical demands. Being fit to play tennis or simply being in good shape is now mandatory in order to compete at higher levels of tennis.

Fitness and Tennis cannot be disassociated anymore. Most tennis players know how to hit ground strokes, but the player with more strength, power, quickness, stamina and flexibility will be the most successful. At every level: professional, collegiate or juniors, we can tell that the best tennis players are usually the ones with the best fitness levels.

Conditioning for tennis has become a very important part in any high performance tennis program. You will find strength and conditioning coaches in most of the better institutions because it is now well known that strength and conditioning exercises can help players to use their full fitness potential on the court.

The MAX4 Tennis program:

  • Specific drills for tennis players
  • Individualized program for your needs
  • Strength training routines with weights that you should be using at the beginning
  • Cardio training routines
  • Flexibility routines
  • Agility exercises and specific tennis movement drills


“After working with Michael for only a little over a month, I can tell a difference in my foot work and also my stamina on the tennis court. I feel as though my legs are strong enough to chase down any ball” – Bethany

“I started training with Michael my junior year of high school; we did a lot of strength training in the off season and focused on my speed and stamina during the season. I know that the work I put in with him helped me get signed to a Division I school; I appreciate all the hard work, now” – John

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