Personal Training

Work Out with Friends!

Are you interested in a personalized training program, but don’t necessarily need one on one attention? Are you looking for a results driven workout without the hassle of coming up with the right program to fit your needs? Our Semi-Private Training program is a great way to boost your workout effectiveness and keep you accountable. Exercise, and have fun, under the watchful eye of a certified fitness trainer!

Our Semi-Private Personal Training program is drastically different to ‘large group’ (10-30 person) fitness classes or boot camps. While both are great for adding accountability to your workout program; neither are designed ‘specifically’ for you. Also, the ratio of student:instructor is usually (10:1 or even 20:1); at MAX 4 FITNESS, the ratio is never more than 4:1 and each exercise session is designed for you. While one on one personal training became popular back in the 90′s; group training and boot camps are very popular now. We firmly believe that our clients benefit from having the ‘semi-private’ attention of their trainer and also thrive from the ‘small group’ atmosphere. The camaraderie and results are unrivaled.

MAX 4 FITNESS is committed, through innovation and positive energy, to enhancing the human experience by providing state-of-the-art fitness experiences that relax the mind, challenge the body, and renew the spirit. Get professional personal training and nutritional guidance designed to help you lose weight, tone up, improve your health, and most importantly — look and feel better than you have in years.

At MAX 4 FITNESS our goal is to provide a great personal training experience in a place where you feel comfortable and are able to meet your fitness goals.

Fitness to Fit Your Needs
What does your workout program look like right now? Do you have a game plan, or do you just go to the gym and work on the machines that you like the best?

Planning the Right Program
Without a balanced and well-structured program, all of your hard work in the gym could be for nothing. If you have been going to the gym for six months and have not changed your program, your body is not getting much from your workouts anymore. In fact, your body starts to adapt to your program after the first week of exercise. How do you even know that your routine will work for your body?

Let Us Help You
Your workout needs to be realistic, efficient, intense and consistent in order for you to reach your fitness goals. A balanced fitness program focusing on cardio, nutrition, strength and wellness by MAX 4 FITNESS will give you the tools that you need to get on the right track…the track that will lead you to fitness success.

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