What can AAA do for you?

AAA…no not the discount car and travel club that so many of our ‘parents’ belong to.







As a personal fitness professional, I have had the privilege of working with hundreds, if not thousands, of individuals spanning the course of my, now almost 20 year career and without a doubt, the 3 A’s are the foundation of my working relationship with them and for them with themselves.

The three A’s I’m talking about are:




Some of you might be saying “what is he talking about?” the usual components of getting in shape are:
A strict diet
A ‘core’ routine
A cardio program
(i know, not as neat as ‘my’ 3 A’s; but you get the point)

First, let me explain the usual three…most trainers believe that 80% of your fitness results come from diet. That is the six pack abs and ripped arms look everyone wants (but truly, not everyone can get them and for those that do have them, in the magazines anyway, usually only ‘have them’ for the photo shoot and then they ‘go away’ for a while).

While I agree that a certain percentage of your fitness results come from your nutrition, your genetics and your exercise routine; they don’t always tell the entire story. (I know, I’m not telling you anything new am I…“get to the point”…ok, ok)

The first ‘A‘ I try to get my clients to become Aware of (get it) is just that. I want you to truly be aware of who you are, your current physical condition, your real lifestyle choices and quite possibly, your current limitations (be it, physical, mental, emotional, and dare I say…spiritual).

You see, a good many of us live in denial. We are not really aware of who we are, what we want or where we are going. Ironically, most of us think we do! People tell me all the time, “I eat pretty good, exercise a couple times a week and don’t have too much stress (external or internal) in my life…but I just can’t seem to ‘get in shape’.”

We know what to do, but in my humble opinion, we don’t really know something until we experience it first hand. Reading it in a book (or on a blog), watching it on TV or YouTube, hearing about it from a friend, family member or a trainer even, doesn’t really mean we know it.

Next, I try to get my clients to Accept it just as it currently is. Not forever, not for a year, a month, or even more than a moment; but until we truly accept, who we are and our current physical condition, we can’t really make any long-lasting progress.

Need proof, how many people do you know that have lost a lot of weight and then gained it all back and more. Or who used to workout, but don’t anymore because: a) it didn’t work, b) got injured, or c) got some results, but then they stopped seeing them and so they just quit. I’m sure all of us know at least one person that fits into at least one of those categories…that person you know may even be you!

Lastly…Lights, Camera, ACTION! I mentioned action (see above) already, but the Action I am talking about, doesn’t ever really stop. Ever heard of the definition of insanity (not the Websters definition, but it’s one I go by)? My definition of Insanity is doing that same thing over and over again but expecting different results. So try something different and if that doesn’t work, try something else. Just don’t quit!

Proper, dedicated, disciplined and yes, fun Action can not only get you to the short term goals you’ve set for yourself, but to what I think most people have as long term goals.

For me, those long term goals are: feeling a sense of peace, giving and receiving unconditional love and being truly happy. Those are goals I hope none of us ever give up on!

No doubt, achieving any worthwhile goal takes hard work and dedication; but if you are going at them with your blinders on, you are missing the point. Life is a journey my friend. Today, I choose not to do it alone.

I Dare you to move, I Dare you to try something different, I Dare you to believe that you can live the best life ever! Be Aware of where you are, Accept who you are, and then take ACTION to be the best you can be…it’s worth the effort.

About Michael

Michael Bonetti has been a certified personal trainer since 1994. His true passion is helping people. Whether you need help losing weight for a wedding, playing golf better, or living without pain; Michael is dedicated to learning everything he can to help you achieve all your health and fitness goals.

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