A Common Bond

alg-common-bond-jpgAs the days pass, since the Boston Marathon bombings, one thing stands out to me more and more…’We’ have a common bond.  According to TheFreeDictionary.com

The Definition of COMMON
1. a.  Belonging equally to or shared equally by two or more; joint:  common interests.
    b.  Of or relating to the community as a whole public:  for the common good.
The Definition of BOND
1. Something, such as a fetter, cord, or band, that binds, ties, or fastens things together.
3. A uniting force or tie; a link:  the familial bond
The ‘We’ that I AM implying is the Human Race.  Anyone who is, or has ever been, or will eventually be, alive and living on this planet we call Earth.  The ‘We’ that I AM referring to, is the ‘We’ who are inspired to act when emotionally connected to the people whose lives have been severely affected by tragedies outside of their control.  Whether those events be the result of other ‘human beings’ not ‘acting’ humanely, or by natural (or unnatural) disasters or sometimes through no-fault accidents that, by no stretch of the imagination, seem small and inconsequential at the time.
I would have never imagined, that when I was struck by an automobile while pushing a stalled car off I-285, 18 years later, I would be ‘more powerfully inspired’ today, to help others who have lost their leg(s) than ever before.  I was lucky!  I was able to jump (or my guardian angel ‘pulled’ me) up in the air so fast, at the very last nanosecond, that my right leg was the ‘only’ thing that got hit that day.  Come to find out, it was not the ‘only’ thing that got injured though.  But again, luckily for me, the Doctors were able to ‘save my leg’ and I still have it today.  The ‘other’ things that got injured that day took a lot longer than the 10 months of surgeries and rehab did.
You see, the scar you can still see on my leg, was not the only ‘scar’ I carried with me…I was also scarred psychologically, emotionally and even spiritually.  Although I would not have even thought to admit that when I was a 23 year old ‘tough guy’.  You see, I was a personal trainer then too; I was in great shape, played sports, had a great career started, a girlfriend who loved me, etc. etc. etc.  But slowly, some quicker than others, all those things changed.  I lost 30 or 40 lb. I can’t remember exactly, over the course of those 10 months; (I was a skinny kid growing up, so I worked ‘hard’ to gain that muscle).  It also took sometime to be able to walk ‘properly’ again, so sports obviously, took a back seat.  My career, as a physically active trainer, was on a sabbatical too.  And sadly, my girlfriend broke up with me ‘somewhere in the middle of all that’  :(
But life goes on, right…Eventually I went back to work, I got new clients and re-built my business.  I started working out, even harder than before the accident, and re-built my body too.  I started playing golf, tennis, volleyball, wake boarding, etc ‘again’.  And I got a new girlfriend, and then another new girlfriend, and then another…you get the point!  So I was able to re-build my self esteem; to a point.  You see, I thought my self-esteem was ‘how I thought’ about my ‘accomplishments’…but I recently was told, if you really want to re-build your self-esteem, do esteem-able things.  I don’t know how I would have ‘interpreted’ that then; but today, I believe I DO.
Here is a small list of Esteem-able things I ‘try’ to do…please feel free to add to it
1)  Call and ‘listen’ to my loved ones…regularly!
2)  Be Patient…some one else is probably in a bigger hurry than you.
3)  Be Honest…some times the ‘truth’ hurts; but the ‘truth’ WILL set you FREE!
4)  Be Kind…not ‘everything’ NEEDS to be said :)
5)  Be LOVE…
6)  Be accountable…do what you ‘say’ you’ll do; ‘walk the talk’…
7)  Hold open the door for strangers…’without’ expectation of a ‘Thank You’.
8)  Be Nice…(think Patrick Swayze in Road House).
9)  Even when ‘no one’ is watching…do the ‘right’ thing anyway.
10)  Follow ‘your’ intuitions…your ‘gut’…for ‘they’ are ALWAYS right!
I look forward to reading some of ‘your’ Esteem-able things you try to do regularly…Peace and Love be with you all!
About Michael

Michael Bonetti has been a certified personal trainer since 1994. His true passion is helping people. Whether you need help losing weight for a wedding, playing golf better, or living without pain; Michael is dedicated to learning everything he can to help you achieve all your health and fitness goals.

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