It's much more than Stretching...it's improving adaptability!

It’s much more than Stretching…it’s improving adaptability!

E-Radi8 is not a mobility or flow class.  It’s a movement enhancement system created to improve:  body control, joint integrity and end ranges of motion by extending or ‘radiating’ from your center and improving your body’s symmetry.  Our number one goal with this class is to improve how to move well, move ‘out of pain’ and to improve the Overall quality of your life.  It is a combination of numerous years of studying scientific research and absorbing the knowledge of other practices to prepare your body to do whatever you want it to do…it is a ‘supplement’ to you caring for your body.  Whether you are a golfer, yogi, crossfitter, stay at home mom or weekend warrior, we all have the desire to move better and live pain FREE!

As with our Activ8 classes, we ‘MAX OUT’ at 8 participants.  Monthly membership is not required; classes are $20 each.

For more information, call (916) MAX-4FIT!



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