Press, Protein & Peace

"The Overhead Press"

The Press, sometimes known as the Overhead Press, is a great exercise to develop strength in the upper body; in particular, the Front Delts (shoulders), & Triceps (back of the arm). In the video below, you will see exactly how to perform the press properly. When you address the bar, place your hands no more than shoulder width apart. As you go to walk under the bar, rotate your elbows in so that they are directly under your hands and also in front of your body. Place your feet shoulder width apart, brace your core, and lift the bar off the rack with your legs. Walk out of the rack, and place your feet slightly wider than shoulder … [Read more...]

1 Arm Kettlebells Swing Video Demo


1 arm KB Swing Start with feet shoulder width apart and KB between the balls of your feet Swing KB back first Snap Quadriceps to generate force and raise KB to eye height Repeat for prescribed number of reps... Great exercise for developing power!   First Place Kettlebells Price: $15.95 to $115.95 Buy Now … [Read more...]

Proper Dead Lift Video Demo

As shown in the video below are a list of steps for you to refer to: Address the bar with your shins touching Stand Tall and engage your core Bow or Hinge forward from the Hips Grab bar just outside your knees Raise Hips to engage the Hamstrings while maintaining a neutral spine Take a deep breathe in and hold for the lift off Exhale at the top and finish in a tall position Force Hips back and lower bar back to the ground keeping it as close to you as possible. Repeat for the prescribed number of reps … [Read more...]

Low Back Pain


Almost everyone will experience low back pain at some point in their lives. This pain can vary from mild to severe. It can be short-lived or long-lasting. However it happens, low back pain can make many everyday activities difficult to do. Understanding your spine and how it works can help you understand why you have low back pain. Go to to learn more about the anatomy of the spine. Finding exercises that can help reduce low back pain is incredibly important. Talk to your doctor before you start an exercise program, and only do exercises that do not increase your symptoms. For some … [Read more...]

Body Building vs. Strength Training

Body Building...what do you think of when you hear some one say 'Body Building'? I would venture a guess that most of you think of those BIG (steroid using) muscle heads on the cover of certain muscle magazines. Am I right? Now Strength Training...what does that conjure up? Any difference in how you view those two (very different) fitness phrases? Well, I hope so; but if not, let me try to explain the vast differences between them. First, and foremost, Bodybuilding is a form of body modification involving intensive muscle hypertrophy. Basically, it's all about getting 'BIGGER'! Period. The definition of 'hypertrophy' is an … [Read more...]


Proper nutrition is very important in making, and seeing, progress in your health and fitness routine. As I've stated in the past, eating meals consisting of 'lean' proteins, veggies and 'good' fats is optimal in the digestion process. We suggest eating 4-6 meals a day. A great option for getting all of those meals in is a Shake! However, don't make the mistake of replacing too many of your real meals with shakes. Even though they are healthy, you still need veggies, fruit, and protein from whole food sources. To get you started on the path of making 'healthy' shakes at home, I've included a shake for the 'average' (190lb) male. … [Read more...]

New Year…New YOU!

New Year's Resolutions We make them EVERY Year! I know I have. Unfortunately, most of us don't stick to them for long. Research shows that 85% of us don't make it past the first month. It doesn't even really matter what the New Year's Resolution might be! Get back in Shape, Make more Money, Learn a new Hobby, Take more Vacations, Spend more Time with the Family; the list could go on and on...So why should this year be any different? Honestly, I couldn't tell you. Hi, my name is Michael Bonetti. I am the proud owner of MAX 4 FITNESS! I have been a professional fitness trainer in Sandy Springs since 1994 and I know helping … [Read more...]

Is yoga better than strength training?

Is yoga better than strength training? Do we know which of the two fitness disciplines is more effective for modern day fitness needs such as preventing lifestyle diseases and effective weight management? Some people think it is unfair to consider either yoga or strength training as superior or inferior to each other. I believe both have certain benefits that they alone provide best, and both have certain shortcomings which require practicing the other. What sparked the debate between yoga and strength training? There was a time when they believed that runners should not lift weights, and weightlifters should not run. These were the … [Read more...]

Elite Foam Rollers

[Read more...]

The Meaning of Thanksgiving

The Meaning of Thanksgiving With Thanksgiving coming up, I thought I’d write about the meaning of Thanksgiving and what this joyous occasion is really about. But I won’t be talking about Pilgrims and turkey dinners.  What I’ll be talking about is the true meaning of Thanksgiving: Gratitude. We all know this of course but hopefully this post will serve as a reminder as well as give you some new insights.   How many people do you know go through life frustrated because they feel like they never seem to be or have what they want? It strikes me as odd to see people who seem to have so much going for them, yet never seem to be … [Read more...]

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